Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What A Day

I just finished watching an episode of A DAY IN THE LIFE, an original series on Hulu.  The episode was a sneak peek into a day in the life of high school dropout turned billionaire entrepreneur, SIR RICHARD BRANSON.  All I can say is what a fascinating and busy life the man has made for himself.  He is living proof that when the mind has no limits, the accomplishments follow suit!  I'm 48 yrs old now.  A part of me wonders if it's too late to accomplish any of the professional goals I've dreamt of.  I can clearly see that self-doubt is the REASON I've never accomplished any of those goals.  As long as I have breath and am in my right mind, I CAN accomplish many things!  Deep down in my soul I do truly believe that.  --- Watching Mr. Branson go about his busy day with a smile and anxious anticipation makes me want to work harder to do the same.  I know I possess the talent to do EVERYTHING I've ever thought about doing.  I simply have to DO it.   It truly is as simple as that.  And as difficult as that.  The choice is mine.

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