Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On To The Next

Last Saturday I rushed around like a mad man to get a video shot of me auditioning to host a new, cable show, tentatively titled, AMERICAN EATS.  I used an old camera I borrowed and enlisted a friend to shoot me.  Well, the shoot didn't turn out as professionally as it should have.  I shot the darn thing at NIGHT!  Big mistake!  I needed all the light I could get.  Once I got past that faux pas, I made my way into the restaurant and felt much better.  I sampled a dish and gave my honest opinion of it.  The video footage is neither as crystal clear, nor is the sound as clear as it should be.  I paid a guy $50.00 to transfer the dang thing from the camera's mini-cassette to YouTube.  Well, I found out yesterday that the producers of the show have now decided they want a "beefy" host.  Someone who "looks" like he really enjoys food.  WTF!!!  I may not be a "beefy" dude, but I assure you, NOBODY enjoys eating as much as I do!!!!!!!  Oh, well, on to the next one!!!  THE perfect, hosting gig is coming my way.  Eventually!  I just KNOW it!

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