Saturday, March 10, 2012

Around The World In A Day

Whew!  I just returned home from what many in L.A. would consider one helluva long walk!!!!  Noooooo, my journey wasn't as scenic as the picture above, but I'm thankful I'm in good enough health to have walked it without feeling any pain!!!  I walked from my apartment to Target, which, according to Mapquest, is 2.35 miles.  From Target, I walked past my apartment to Trader Joe's.  Mapquest says that's 3.50 miles.  From Trader Joe's back home is 1.69 miles.  So, in total, I just walked 7.54 miles!!!!  How about that????  If I keep this up whenever I go shopping, I'll be lean & mean for many more years to come!!!  Who needs a car????  Haaa! 

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