Monday, March 5, 2012

Read It And Weep

This past weekend I finished the book, MR. CSI, by writer/producer, Anthony E.  Zuiker.  He's the creator/executive producer of the CSI tv franchise.  Anyway, he details beautifully in the book how the absence of his father affected him in ways he never thought.  The book also chronicles his rise in Hollywood.  For me, the takeaway was simply to keep pushing onward; regardless what common sense and a multitude of others might tell me to do!  Before I finished the book, though, I read on the internet that he's divorcing his wife.  And the proceedings haven't been too terribly nice.  I just hope & pray that when the dust around the divorce settles, there'll be NO need for a CSI to tie up The Zuiker's loose ends!  Feel me???  :)

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