Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To Be Selfish

When I was blessed to awaken this morning, I told myself that today would be MY day.  I wouldn't spend one second concerned about what I could do to help others realize THEIR goals; not unless I encountered them while I was realizing MINE!  So, I cleaned the house while listening to some of my favorite, old and new songs.  Then, I set out to do some grocery and toiletry shopping!  To make sure I wasn't bothered by anyone else's unimportant pressing need(s), I left my cell phone home!  And, lo & behold, the sun still rose and set!  And I accomplished everything I wanted to get done!  Usually, I'm off helping someone do whatever he/she needs done, then, when all is said and done, the day has slipped by me and NONE of the things I wanted to get done get done!  Not today,  José!!  --- I've got eggs boiling on the stove.  Brown rice in the rice cooker.  And, when both foods are done, I'm gonna sit down and eat like a man who hasn't eaten since he devoured a McDonald's ice cream cone three and half hours ago!!!!  Yum!!

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