Thursday, June 7, 2012

The End

Today marked the last day of one of my favorite gigs to work: E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo).  The event lasts three days and brings together up to 50,000 folks who harbor an insane appreciation for video games!  Well, 49,999 folks.  'Cause I ain't one of the video game nerds enthusiasts!  However, I love, love, love working the event for Disney!  This year, I was the go-to guy for the redemption of a special freebie: Oswald ears hat with personalized, name embroidery!  We must have given out 4000 or more of those hats!  And they look nice, so I hope everybody who got one, loves 'em!

Because of my seemingly indefatigable energy, I was asked if I'd work another three-day gig in Atlanta two weeks from now.  Of course, I accepted the offer!  I haven't been on a plane since 2009, so it'll be nice just to fly somewhere else for a change.  And on somebody else's dime!  Haaa!  Anyway, it's back to reality now, but I'll always harbor fond memories of my three days of E3 bliss!!!

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