Monday, December 22, 2014


Today is one of the most special days of my life.

It's the day of my BIRTH!

I awakened this morning and IMMEDIATELY gave GRATITUDE for BREATH.  Then I went and took a piss!  LOL

All jokes aside, I am THRILLED/ELATED/soooooooooo INCREDIBLY THANKFUL to be ALIVE!  And WELL!  Many folks were not blessed to see 51.

51.  Not 50.  Not 49.  Not 39.  51.  WOW!  I can hardly believe it.  I wish my parents had told me that just because you grow older, doesn't mean you don't feel the same as you always did.  In SPIRIT.  I mean, I STILL feel like the same me I was 10 years ago.  But, thankfully, I am not.  Much has changed.  Physically.  Psychologically.  Professionally.  I am a different man than I was 10 years ago.  And I'm happy about that.

I enjoyed lunch today at an oceanfront restaurant: Bluewater Grill.  My lunch date was a swell gent named, Stan!  I hope to break bread with the chap on many more occasions to come!  We truly enjoyed the place!

I don't know what tomorrow has in store for me, but if I'm lucky, I sure hope it's as terrific as TODAY!

I pray for EVERYONE and EVERY THING!!!!!!!!!


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