Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Late last night, or actually, very early this morning, my upstairs neighbors were fighting.  Again.  She kicked him out.  Again.  And he's back.  Again.  Although I heard the chick crying last night as she screamed for the dude to leave, I didn't bother calling the police as I've done once before.  Instead, I continued working on my book.  Truth be told, I'm sooooo over the two of their antics that one of them will probably be carried away from here in a body bag and the only response that would evoke from me is that I hope they don't spill any blood on MY steps!

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  1. Hi, I wonder what was the second pic for ? can u get its source? it is B cuz it was used in screenshot from CNN on some facebook's pages in a breaking news talking about an Egyptian Atheist found dead after receiving death threats