Sunday, February 27, 2011

Brunch Of Champions

Yesterday I was back again at one of Hollywood's annual, pre-Oscar bashes:  Barry Diller's pre-Oscar luncheon in honor of Vanity Fair's editor-in-chief, Graydon Carter.  And, yes, as always, the biggest of Hollywood's bigwigs were there, chowin' down on fried chicken, chili, mac & cheese and decadent desserts!  And, oh, also lots & lots of schmoozing!!!!  I know of at least one "guest" who was escorted off Barry's extraordinary property because said "guest" WASN'T invited!!!  No, I wasn't a guest either, but since I was there, making the Bloody Marys, I got to stay!  Haaa! --- I saw Oprah there.  And her bff, Gayle.  And Anderson Cooper.  That's about it, though, because I usually just stay in the garage, pumpin' out the spirits.  I've grown a bit long in the tooth for star-gazing.  At this point, don't really wanna see 'em till I work WITH them!  And NOT makin'/servin' 'em Bloody Marys!  Although, I must admit, my Bloody Marys are hottttt!!! --- Every time I've been at Barry's phenomenal estate, I always fantasize about sitting him down for a brief moment and asking him, "Are you living your best life?"

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