Monday, February 21, 2011

Going Against...

In order to get anything done to the level I want it done, I clearly see I'm gonna have to go against the natural order of things!  Today, one of my friends crashed an audition for a film he and I just know he's PERFECT for!  However, waiting on the casting director to schedule an audition for him just wasn't happening!  So, he went to the casting office TWICE on his own accord.  The first time he simply left his headshot.  We received no response.  So, he went back today!  And when he arrived, the character he's perfect for was actually being auditioned!  So, he signed himself in and waited till his name was called.  He went in and, according to the casting director, nailed it!  Now, if getting this role is meant to be, it will be!  I believe he's gonna get it!!!  'Cause he had the balls to go for it and NOT wait for someone to call him to the table!  Yep!  Going against the natural order of things appears to be the ONLY way he and I are gonna know the professional success we long for.  And DESERVE!!!  Let the record state, our NEW mantra is:  DARE TO GO AGAINST THE NATURAL ORDER OF THINGS!!!  But, try NOT to tell too many folks!!!  :)

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