Friday, May 20, 2011

Bears Repeating

Kirstie Alley
 Rod Stewart
 Clint Eastwood
 Pierce Brosnan
 Arnold Schwarzenegger
 Roger Moore
 Russell Crowe
 Mickey Rourke
 Val Kilmer
 Brendan Fraser
Whitney Houston
Linda Evans
Lee Majors
Paul Newman
Elizabeth Taylor
Richard Gere
Melanie Griffith
Alec Baldwin
Dolly Parton
Sylvester Stallone
You can take all the vitamins you want.

You can go under the knife of every, famous plastic surgeon in Hollywood.

You can color your hair whatever hue suits your fancy.

You can tell the world you're whatever age you wish you were.

But please know that NONE of it truly matters. 

'Cause the wise man (and woman) knows that...

If you live long enough...

Mother Nature and Father Time WILL change your physical appearance!

And your sexual prowess!

And your athletic capabilities!

And your personal value to many!

Yes, that includes ME, too!!!

But for some of us, we look MUCH, MUCH BETTER with age!


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