Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Girl, Puhleeeeze!

I've been gettin' a kick out of Celebrity Apprentice this year.  And one of the reasons why is, NeNe Leakes, of Real Housewives Of Atlanta "fame."  Well, the chick quit Apprentice by simply walking off and never returning.  I suspect she quit because the project she was assigned required her to raise money and one thing reality "stars" haven't been able to do on this show is raise money.  So, off she went.  And along with her went all the yelling and ridiculousness she brought to the show.  Well, Star Jones and Meatloaf brought a little drama to the fold in NeNe's absence; however, now that Star is gone, too, I suspect all will be smooth sailing from henceforth.  But what I really wanna know is this:  is NeNe really the loudmouth she portrays on "reality" tv?  Really?  I just can't believe she truly behaves in her day-to-day life like she does in front of the cameras!  If so, what does her family and friends really think of her?  What does she really think of herself?   Well, if she's not putting on an act for the cameras, her behavior CLEARLY ILLUSTRATES what she thinks of herself.  And that's a sad, sad fact!

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