Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Positively Unsurprising

One of my dear friends called me the other day and talked candidly with me.  About himself.  And about a few others we know.  This friend has been madly in love with the same guy for well over a decade.  They've separated a million times and have always found their way back to each other.  My friend's ex has had numerous long-term companions during their separations.  My friend has had none.  I've listened to my friend complain about him.  And tell me that he'll never talk to him again.  Weeks pass.  Sometimes months.  Then, the next thing I know, he tells me they've spoken.  Then, he tells me they've seen each other.  Then, he tells me they've climbed into bed.  Again.  Then...his ex disappears again and my friend is sad.  Again.  Well, last year, my friend found out that he is Hiv+.  He was conflicted about telling his ex.  I suspect because he was worried that perhaps he had infected his ex with the virus.  No, they had not worn protection when they had last tussled in the hay. Fast-forward to today and his ex has now told him that he is positive, too.  He also told him that another guy we know is positive.  Whew!  Our phone conversation was serious.  And somewhat sad.  Yet, wasn't surprising in the least.  What I know for sure is that whenever we make choices we know to the core of our soul are bad for us, if we continue making them, sooner or later we will rue the day we made them.  My friend, and his ex, and all the others my friend told me about, and all the others I don't know about, are probably ruing the day.  Or night.

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