Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Til We Meet Again

Yesterday marked the ending of one of my most favorite, television shows: The Oprah Winfrey Show.  I've learned soooo much from that show.  And I've fallen completely and madly in "love" with its host.  I've only seen excerpts from her final broadcast.  I'll catch it in its entirety on Friday.  Oh, how I've enjoyed this woman.  I loved her when she was fat.  And when she was skinny.  Loved her when she was sort of fat.  And when she was sort of skinny.  I loved her when her hair was huge & curly.  And when it was straight.  When it was long.  And when it was short.  I loved her when she laughed.  And when she cried.  I haven't consistently loved every episode.  But I have consistently loved her.  Wherever she goes from here, and whatever she does, I wish her the best.  And I'll keep my eyes on her.  And, when I see her next, I'm gonna give her a big ol' hug, then, as I'm leaving her, I'm gonna tell her precisely what she told US:  "I won't say, good-bye.  I'll just say, 'til we meet again."  A job well done, Ms. Winfrey.  THANK YOU.

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