Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Meant To Be

For the past several months I've been meaning to call my oldest sister, Cheryl, to shoot the breeze.  I talk to my other three sisters and brother far more frequently, so I figured, let me call, Cheryl.  Well, I never got around to it.  Luckily for me today, though, she called ME!  When I saw her name on my cell phone's Caller I.D., I picked it up and greeted her with a, "Well, well, well!"  I have to admit, our conversation was terrific.  It was great hearing about her life.  She and I have a lot in common.  Mainly:  we don't have much money!  :) :) :)  However, we both are cognizant of one thing we DO have:  the love of FAMILY!  Amen.

Cheryl and I discussed her recent car accident.  She works two jobs and fell asleep at the wheel on her drive  home from the second job.  She wound up running into a semi-truck.  Thankfully she wasn't injured.  Just shaken up.  Her car was totaled, though.  Oops, I mean, her daughter's car!  That made the situation worse for her; having to tell her daughter she had wrecked her car.  All's well that ends well, 'cause the car has been replaced.  And, more importantly, Cheryl is just fine!

I sure do wish my big sister the best life has to offer because she's an incredibly kind human being.  In hindsight, I'm sure she wishes some of her past decisions were different than they were.  But, heck, she still has breath, so changing past mistakes/decisions into something positive is STILL possible!  She's a winner in my book.  Period!!!!!

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