Tuesday, December 18, 2012

By The Numbers

Today I received the lab results for my cholesterol reading.  And I am THRILLED to say that everything looked pretty dang good!!!  Hurrah!!!  I'm taking 80 mg of Lipitor per day and also an 81 mg aspirin to keep my blood thin.  No, I don't want to take the Lipitor, but thanks to heredity, I have to!  Or, at least, every doctor I've ever had seems to think so!

My total, cholesterol number is 186!  Yippee!  The last time I was tested, it was 225!  My LDL is 118.  My HDL is 62.  Triglycerides are 30.  Heck, there are sooo many numbers on the lab results that they make me dizzy!  Who knew we were all walking & talking numbers?  As long as my numbers look good, I'm happy.  In this big, bad world, I know possessing money means more to a lot of people than possessing great health, but I'm not among THOSE numbers!  I want to be healthy.  And I want to remain healthy until the day I close my eyes for good!  So, if that means I can't have money AND great health, I'll happily take the great health and make do!

Thank you, Saban Free Clinic, for being soooo dang good to me.  And for being soooo dang good to soooo many others!!!  

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