Monday, December 17, 2012

Operation Santa

When I lived on the east coast, my dear friend, Madeline, introduced me to a volunteer service called, Letters To Santa.  The premise of the organization is that Children send letters to Santa that wound up at NYC's main, post office.  Folks like Madeline and me would then go there to sift through the letters until we found one by a kid whose wish we wanted to fulfill.  The last kid I gifted was a Hispanic youngster who lived in Queens.  All he asked for was a Superman sheet.  Since he only asked for one thing, I made sure to get him plenty more.  I like when the children are modest with their requests.  I saw some letters in which the "kid" asked for a television and a VCR.  I bypassed those letters and focused only on my Superman kid.  I was working at MACY*S at the time, so I went hog wild.  I bought a Superman bedding set.  I bought an electronic car or truck.  And I bought other items, too, but I can't recall what.  Anyway, fast-forward to today and I did something similar this weekend.  However, I didn't get the needy kid's name from a letter to Santa.  I received it from a close acquaintance who works with an organization that grants Christmas wishes to under-served children.

The kid I'm blessing is 13 years old, and, from the sizes of his clothing requests, must be a pretty, big dude.  His waistline is 36"-"38".  Since I wasn't given a pant length size, I said, to heck with the clothing and only concentrated on his school supplies and art supplies.  By the time I walked out of Walmart, I had a three-ring, notebook binder, three hundred sheets of paper, pencils, pens, highlighters, a sketching kit and a journal book.  I then hustled over to Big Lots and bought him six, horror movies.  Hey, he requested them.  He also wanted music cds, but this ol' dude's wallet, said, "Um, maybe not."  I hope he enjoys what he got, though.  I wish I could see his face when he opens the bag!  Let the record state, I may not have much, but when I get, I sure love to GIVE!!!!!

Oh, in NYC, the kids are soooo dang smart, they actually go directly TO Santa with their lists!!!!!!  God bless their sweet, lil' souls!!!

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