Friday, December 14, 2012

What About The Children?

Today marks yet another horrific, mass killing in this country.  Earlier this morning, in Newtown, CT, a lone gunman walked into an elementary school with two, loaded firearms.  Before his lifeless body is removed from the building, 26 or so other lives will have been taken, too.  We will probably never truly know why he did what he did.  But I have to wonder, what could be so wrong in a 20-yr-old's mind that he feels no other recourse than murder and mayhem?  My heart goes out to all the families directly affected by this travesty.  And to all people all over the world who aren't.  Why are people hurting so deeply in a country that has everything people need to live fulfilling lives?  Why?  We must look out for the children so that they can grow up feeling powerful in their own skin.  'Cause I'm gettin' a sneaking suspicion that they feel lost because they don't believe they can stand on their own.  We adults are responsible for that.  And we have to do something about it.  This country's future prosperity and well-being depends on it.

Read about the tragedy HERE.

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