Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The PATH To Happiness

For 10 years I lived in Jersey City, NJ and rode the PATH train to & from NYC on a daily basis!  The cost was $1.00 throughout those 10 years.  The train was clean and reliable and I always managed to sneak in twenty minutes of shut-eye en route to my gig at Macy*s.  Now that I'm here in Los Angeles and everybody and his mama has a car, I miss those days when all I needed was $1.00 to take me to wherever I could find "happiness" for the day!!!  What I know for sure these days is that owning/needing a car is severely overrated!!

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  1. I agree that mass-transit in Los Angeles is terrible. Your choices are the smelly bus or the subway that just plain freaks me out. I would love a clean, above ground light rail or monorail system.