Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Praise!

Went to church this morning -- the last Sunday in 2009!  It felt goooood!  Listening to Bishop Blake urge me to set my vision for 2010 and make it happen, was just what the doctor ordered!  He said that by Dec. 2010, he wants to look UPWARD to see my success -- not DOWNWARD.  So let it be spoken.  So let it be done! --- Adulthood hasn't always been the "easiest" for me.  More than a few times I've longed to just go back to the simple way of living I enjoyed as a kid.  Well, I'm no longer a kid.  And, with focus, desire and perseverance, I can make my TODAY and TOMORROW as simple and pure and enjoyable as my YESTERDAY!  I do wish I could talk to, Mama, again, though!  That much, I'd love to go back to!

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