Monday, January 10, 2011

Scene One, Take Two

Last night I assisted my friend, Que, with auditions for his forthcoming table read of a teleplay he's written.  It reminded me of the day Donald and I auditioned actors for our first and only theatrical collaboration back in New York City!  This time, however, I wasn't the Big Kahuna, so, I didn't have to worry about a thing.  Only do what Que asked of me.  The turnout was decent and the talent was all right, too.  Watching some of the performers sweat through their performances was interesting.  It's hard to stand in front of four people, knowing you're being judged.  Despite the fear, the actors did their thing.  I had two favorites!!!  It always makes me feel damn good to see talented people get an opportunity to show off their talent!  I hope something terrific comes of this experience for Que.  And for the actors!!!  There's nothin' "to" it, but to "do" it!!!

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