Friday, January 28, 2011

What In The World...?

Every day I read about some horrific murder or about a blatant injustice toward another human being.  Why?  Why is this world filled with such hate?  Honestly, I can't watch news broadcasts anymore because they make it a point to show me humanity at its lowest.  Yes, from time to time, they toss in an inspirational message, but those times are woefully few & far between.  I just wonder why soooo many people on this planet feel soooo incredibly less than the people they actually are.  The only viable solution I can think of to cease this kind of unhappiness is for each and every one of us on this planet to treat his neighbor as he'd like to be treated.  Plain and simple.  It seems like such an easy thing to do.  Why won't people do it?  Well, I'll continue doing MY part.  And, hopefully, how people feel when they're in my presence will compel them to treat others the same way.  Nobody is pure evil.  Nobody.  So, I'm gonna keep pouring on the love to everybody I meet until the loving side of 'em comes on out.  It may take a minute, but I don't plan on goin' anywhere anytime soon!  So, I can wait!!! :)


  1. Unfortunately we are a species of predator and some of us are not sufficiently socialised to be able to curb our murderous instincts. You will remember Tupac and Biggie? Of course, and the people who did that go unpunished and their family and friends, who by now know who did it, cover for them. Sad, but look at yourself in the mirror. Binocular vision. Forward facing fixed position ears. Large brain. Biology has made humanity the greatest predator on this planet. Only good people like you can stand up to this. Be strong.

  2. Anonymous, thank you for urging me on to be strong. I hope & pray that you, too, will be strong and treat others precisely as you want to be treated. What the world needs more of is COMPASSION. We have all the fancy cars, jewelry and clothing we could ever use!