Thursday, October 27, 2011

Follow Your Heart

True artists create what they create because they want to.  Not only because someone is paying them to create.  Or because they want praise.  If you truly love singing, you sing whether or not you're paid one, red cent!  Well, I say all this to say that JAMES CURRAN, a fan of the comic book series, The Adventures Of Tintin, used his graphic art skills to create an opening credits sequence for Steven Spielberg's new movie, Tintin, based upon the comic books.  His motivation for his creation was the simple fact that he loves the books and wanted to pay homage.  Well, I don't know HOW it happened, but somehow this gentleman's creation was seen by Steven Spielberg.  Apparently Steven liked what he saw so much he invited the guy to the UK Premiere of the film.  THEN...he offered the dude a job on his next film!  Wow!  How's that for simply doing what he loves???  I wish the fella well and fully intend to use his story as inspiration for doing what I love:  TALKING!  The fella's story is HERE!  His terrific, graphic creation is below:

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