Monday, October 10, 2011

Forget Me Not

My younger brother (of only a year & some change) told me that he had a mildly disturbing incident recently.  He was getting dressed for work and was standing in front of the mirror, wanting to tie his tie.  The strange incident occurred when he realized he had a brain fart.  I mean, he couldn't for the life of him remember HOW to tie his tie.  Mind you, he has been tying his ties for well over 20 years!  Heck, damn near 30 years to be precise!  He told me that at that moment he was a little nervous.  He might have even said, scared.  His story made me think about how I've noticed over the past, several years that I don't speak as eloquently as I used to.  I mean, words just don't come to me like they used to.  And they don't fall from my lips as effortlessly, either.  I oftentimes joke that the reason is because I don't surround myself with people who challenge me intellectually; thus, my keen wit has suffered as a result.  I've also noticed that when I type, I oftentimes leave out words or misspell them.  How could this be?  I used to be a spelling pro!  These days, I have to thoroughly proofread everything I compose before sending it out.  I know we all should proofread anyway, but I find it especially necessary for me of late.  I don't know if it's just the aging process or what.  I'm hopin' & prayin' it's "or what."  I mean, as long as "or what" isn't detrimental to any of my other faculties.  :)  

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