Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just Can't Put My Finger On It

Last Wednesday I went to my doctor to get a digital, prostate exam.  A part of me felt uncomfortable because this doctor is new and a female.  For whatever reason, it just seems more comforting to me to have this procedure performed by a male doctor who has to get the same exam himself.  Anyway, she did it and now all is well in the world.  My father hated that exam.  He just didn't want anyone sticking his/her finger up his heinie!  Haa!  Back then, I didn't know that the feeling wasn't so bad, so I just listened to him complain!  Too many men don't get this exam because of the stigma associated with being "fingered."  As a result, I suspect far too many fellas have lost their lives due to prostate cancer.  I ask you:  is having a doctor insert a finger into your rectum WORSE than DYING from prostate cancer???  Is it???

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