Saturday, July 17, 2010

Food & Home

This morning, I enjoyed a tasty breakfast with my friend, RYAN.  It was great catching up with him about his life.  When we get together, it's almost always about HIS life, because I ask sooooo many questions.  Yes, I share a little about me, but very little.  And that's just the way I like it.  Anyway, after breakfast, I walked him back to his car.  When we arrived at his car, we noticed an Open House across the street.  We both love 'em, so we went in to check it out.  Boy oh boy did we see a CONDO unit we LOVED!!!!!!!!!!  Unfortunately, there aren't any pix of that unit, but the unit I loved second best appears above.  This particular unit has three floors!  And also goes for dang near $800,000!!!!  Ryan is from Ohio.  I'm from Indiana.  Below is what $800K can get u in BOTH our former hometowns!  We walked out of that Open House with the SAME thought:  Los Angeles real estate is WHACK!!!!!!!!!!!!  What you GET in L.A. for what you PAY is some BULL#$%@!!!! -- And, by the way, the 2nd pic below is a house in INDIANA (on a LAKE no less) for LESS THAN the L.A. condo above!  WTF!!!

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