Thursday, July 1, 2010

National Statistic? Not I!!!!

For the past month or so I've been walkin' around feelin' lightheaded.  The last time I experienced this feeling was back in NYC when I wasn't eating properly.  Translation:  I didn't have enough money to eat nutritiously, so I didn't.  Well, here it is dang near fifteen years later and the feeling has resurfaced.  My diet is heart healthy, but not nearly plentiful enough!  So, this weekend, I'm headin' to the grocery store and stockin' up on all sorts of foods and I'm gonna eat throughout the day from that point forward.  Currently, I eat breakfast (anywhere from 10 AM-noon) and usually don't eat again 'til the 7 PM-9 PM hour.  That's ludicrous!  Right now I'm devourin' (2) burritos from El Pollo Loco!  Yum!!!!!  And after that, I'm gonna have some yogurt.  And after that, who knows??????  All I know is, I ain't tryin' to be a statistic!  Haa!

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