Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Real "L" Word

Don't ask me why, but of late, I've been really obsessing over two, Buick automobile models.  LACROSSE and LUCERNE.  I had never heard of either until I was looking to buy a car back in 2004.  I came across a used Lucerne that was listed at $4600 or so.  I remember the car being really big and roomy.  But, I had to pass it by because the bank I had borrowed from said I couldn't buy anything less than $7800.  Anyway, now I am without a car altogether and those two, Buick models really interest me.  All I gotta do is hurry up and win this lottery and/or sell my novel manuscript and/or book my big, tv hosting gig and either the LACROSSE or LUCERNE is MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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