Monday, September 6, 2010

Belabored Day 2010

So, today is the final day of the Labor Day, three-day weekend.  I didn't attend one, single cookout.  And, truth be told, I wasn't invited to any.  Well, one of my friends was going to invite me to something or other last night but I had a "date" with Ce Ce Winans instead.  My new roomie has been here in the apartment all weekend, too.  He's a quiet one.  I wouldn't even know he was here if I didn't see his car in the driveway.  I reckon I should consider myself lucky to have such an unobtrusive roomie.  And I do, so I'll hush about him! -- Talked to my baby sis for an eternity today (as I always do when we talk on the phone).  Yes, I want a romance for myself some day, but I truly want one for her.  She's such a great gal.  I suspect men her age are after much younger women.  And men much older than she don't seem to interest her.  With God all things are possible, so I'm hopin' and prayin' she'll meet and enjoy a loving and considerate cat sometime soon.  I wish that for ALL my sisters actually. -- I hear the wind chimes outside my bedroom window tinkling in the wind.  Every time I hear them I think Chrissy, who made them for me, is speaking to me beyond her grave.  So, I give her a love back every time!!!!  -- My life is missing someone to care for.  Someone to cook for.  Someone to enjoy waking up in the morning for.  It's been a minute since I've felt a desire to do any of those things.  But, the fact of the matter is this:  the pendulum can only swing but so far to the left before it comes crashin' back to the RIGHT.  And when it does, I'll be RIGHT HERE waiting!!!!!!!  Haa!!!

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  1. A musical wind chime brings such peaceful melody to any space!