Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Mean, Really!

Over the past two weeks, there seems to have been an over-abundance of anti-homosexual happenings across the nation.  There's the continuing saga of Bishop Eddie Long.  And the suicide death of a preteen who was tired of being bullied by his classmates.  Today, a 24-yr-old gang leader in Baltimore was sentenced to life in prison for orchestrating the vicious murder of one of his underlings who was thought to be gay.  And I just read about a college freshman at Rutgers University who jumped off the George Washington Bridge because his roommate secretly videotaped him having sex with another guy.  I reckon the kid was in the closet.  Well, to me, all these occurrences simply point out one, unsettling reality:  even in 2010 homosexuality is still an atrocity in the eyes of many.  Unfortunately, the owners of those disapproving eyes can count actual homosexuals among their masses!  And that, my friend, is what HAS to change!!!!!   

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