Friday, September 3, 2010

Some Fraternities STILL Haven't Gotten The Memo!!!

This disturbs me to the point of outrage.  Almost.  But here it is 2010 and some fraternities are STILL pushing alcohol down the throats of their pledges!  I've been talking to a young man this week who is going through Rush at a Texas university.  He has told me that he was "kidnapped" from his dorm the other night by a couple of hot-looking coeds who blindfolded him and took him to a private house.  Okay, this isn't unusual.  Even back in my college days (the 80s) fraternities did these sorts of things.  Anyway, en route to the private residence, he and another freshman were plied with vodka.  Straight!  By the time they reached their destination they were already intoxicated.  Once there, they were stripped down to their underwear (interesting how homophobic fellas ALWAYS want to strip other dudes down to near nudity).  Again, plied more vodka.  And again, straight!  Anyway, I just got off the phone with him and he told me that he has accepted this fraternity's bid and is now en route to some other function they have set up for their new pledges.  And again, the pledges are expected to drink straight vodka!  I told him that he does NOT have to do that!  NOT AT ALL!  I seriously jokingly told him that I was going to call the university and tell them that this ridiculousness has to STOP!  He begged me not to.  I won't.  But a part of me feels bad that I won't.  I mean, does someone have to die AGAIN before I say something?  I hope and pray that my young friend has the COURAGE to heed my advice and REFUSE to drink anymore!  I hope and pray he has that courage.  I have to accept, though, that not many students--high school or college--possess the courage I did when I was that age.  I knew full well that I wasn't going to drink a damn thing while going through Rush.  And I stuck to my principle!  I sure hope he will, too.

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