Sunday, September 26, 2010


Within the past ten years I know of a young man who has gone FROM being the co-star of a semi-hit television show and a member of  a boy-band with one, bona fide hit single TO a young man who now earns the bulk of his living as a waiter in one of my fave, L.A. restaurants.  I'm willing to bet my left testicle that the young man has learned that he is MORE THAN any job or car or weekly paycheck he has ever or will ever receive.  L.A. has a way of teaching this lesson to those of us who are STRONG enough to remain a resident.  Trevor has never been my waiter when I've gone to the restaurant.  But, if one day he is, I'm gonna simply stand up, look him square in the eye, shake his hand firmly and vigorously, and tell him I admire him.  When he asks why, I'm going to tell him, "Because in you, I clearly see that hope truly does spring eternal."

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