Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Living Right

Oftentimes, when I'm alone, I lament over my life.  Specifically my lack of professional fulfillment.  No, I don't moan & groan about my situation to others.  I mention it, but then I move on to other subjects.  Well, my brother just passed on to me an article about ailing, former CNN sportscaster, NICK CHARLES.  And, boy oh boy, am I glad he did!  It truly puts into perspective for me what really matters in life.  If I've said it or heard it once, I've said and/or heard it a million times:  what matters most in life is that we love and are loved in return.  Big houses, fancy cars and expensive jewelry mean NOTHING!  Absolutely NOTHING!  As bladder cancer rapidly ravages NICK CHARLES's body, the incredible man that he is prepares for his imminent death with more grace and dignity than most, physically healthy people possess their entire lifetime.  I hope and pray that when the director of my life yells out, "It's a wrap," I've dared to choose to live MY life right, too!!!!  Thanks, NICK, for making me see the LIGHT. --- Again, read the article about him HERE.   

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