Saturday, April 16, 2011

Not The Apple Of My Eye

I've come to the conclusion that I highly doubt I'll ever buy another Apple product again.  I'll never replace my broken iPod.  I'll probably never buy an Apple laptop.  Nor an iPhone or iPad.  To get my music fix, I've started going to YouTube and assembling a playlist of all the songs I like.  That really works for me.  And it's FREE!  Since ear phones won't stay put in my ears, there's no need replacing my broken iPod.  Now I hike the mountains of Griffith Park and walk through my neighborhood with only the sounds of the streets pulsating through my ears.  And, if I have to be totally frank, the sound of my own voice.  Yes, I talk to myself when I'm out and about.  And I love the conversation! --- Steve Jobs has done and continues to do a terrific job, running Apple.  But this ol' dude doesn't need to be a part of the "in" crowd, so I'm perfectly fine with never owning another Apple product.  Truth be told, an Apple a day just ain't the fruit of choice in my book any longer!!!  I've moved on to acai!!!!

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